the regions of madagascar

each region of madagascar is unique and rarely presents large similarities with others. each region of madagascar makes the country a destination of outstanding natural wealth offering various forms of sports and leisure.

the north is characterized by a wide variety, white sand beaches fringed by palm trees, emerald seas, pristine islands, outstanding underwater, rainforests and dry deciduous forests, baobab and mountains;

the west is the land of the baobabs, sand dunes, limestone, marl and sandstone and “thorn forest”;

the east is still and always the area of tropical rainforests and lush vegetation source of natural essences. the east coast is also the most settled for aromatic plants, spices and exotic fruit trees;

the high plateau is the land of farmers and artisans. the high plateau is dominated by rice fields, vegetable fields, crater lakes, hills and mountains;

the south is the universe of thorny succulents, of arid to sub-deserts scopes and of sand dunes.