high plateau

the highlands of madagascar are plateaus located at an altitude exceeding 1,000 m. strongly undulated, the high plateau of madagascar present mountains among the highest in the island of which imarivolanitra or pic boby culminating at 2,658 m, the tsiafajavona in the ankaratra massif at 2,644 m, making this region the roof of madagascar and members of the tribe living there, the merina, ambany andro in malagasy language, those who are under the day or those who live under heaven in reference to the sun. furthermore the original orogenic mountains, the high plateau of madagascar are dotted with craters, volcanic domes which edges and vertices are covered with savannah a type of vegetation that covers almost 2/3 of the island of madagascar our days. carrying a certain charm, the savannah of high plateau is dotted with rice paddies and vegetable fields, especially on hillsides and in valleys. enjoying a mediterranean climate, the high plateau is the region with the largest agricultural development as for vegetables, rice and for fruits of mediterranean origin.

highlights of the high plateau of madagascar:

the huts and villages of red mud or red bricks, churches with their high tower which is usually the largest buildings in open countryside, the vegetable fields, irrigated and flooded rice fields in plains or terraced on hill flancs, the most visible connection between the asia country of origin of the first pioneers who settled in madagascar and the malagasy, an unsurpassed beauty during summer time, volcanic craters at tritriva and andraikiba, hot springs at ranomafana and antsirabe, the geysers in the region of itasy, the dome of ibity and its opencast mines, the massif of itremo, the villages of the zafimaniry tribe with their huts with carved doors and windows, the national park ranomafana, national park andringitra, the tampoketsa, the special reserve ambohitantely and certainly the people mid-asian half african, friendly, full of joie de vivre that we can not quantify or explain the origin, committed and proud of its culture, its primary asset, tangible commitment in their daily life, a link with their spiritual ancestors, a culture which is manifested in the circumcision of male children, the in the returning of the dead, a ceremony which consists of recovering the remains of dead relatives in a new shroud, in sacrifices and offerings and in the direction and orientation given to housing and family tombs.

the high plateau, the land of the ancestors.